Simple proportional staffing

April 21st, 2010 by rguttkuhn Leave a reply »

Sometimes it is sufficient to schedule a minimum of employees during the night and then staff up during the day time.

Maintenance departments can be an application of this concept. Coverage needs to be provided around the clock – but many projects and improvements are usually done during the day time.

An easy way to achieve this could be the following:

One could divide the existing employees into 6 teams instead of the standard 4 teams normally required to staff around the clock. For an example 2-3-2 12-hr schedule the 6-week/6-crew cycle could then look like this:

proportional staffing example

proportional staffing example

In the example above the 6-week cycle results in 2 crews on Days for every 1 crew on Nights 7 days a week. For each individual it would mean 4 weeks on Days for every 2 weeks on Nights – which may make this concept more attractive than balanced staffing as well.


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