Who works what?

July 22nd, 2009 by rguttkuhn Leave a reply »

Every year CIRCADIAN invites managers of shiftwork operations to tell us about their operations in an online survey. The information is used to identify trends and a snapshot of the current state of the shiftwork world.

One of the questions we ask is: “What shift length is worked by the majority of your shiftworkers?”

Below are the answers of about 400 facilities from the last survey:

What shift length is worked at your facility?

What shift length is worked at your facility?

As the chart above shows 8s and 12s are about equally common followed by combinations of 8s and 12s.  We see 10-hr shifts used mostly in operations that do not run 24 hours a day, e.g. food manufacturing and processing which requires a daily shutdown of production and cleaning of the equipment.


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